Counceling, training and developing people.

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about EW Human Development

E.W.Human Development Ltd. helps build a culture of professional distinction. We yield a stimulating environment in which participants can attain a higher state of self-accomplishment through our workshops’ emphasis on professional growth with a multicultural professional background for over 30 years. EWHD’s extensive repertoire has enabled us to establish an incomparable insight into human behaviour in business organisations.

We deliver high quality workshops which provide you with the necessary tools that appease your integration into multicultural working environments. Furthermore, E.W. Human Development Ltd. operates under the ethics of managing and respecting difference and diversity. Our endeavor to teach the most professionally effective manner of managing cultural and personality disparities within the business world. Our seminars are thus geared towards maximizing interpersonal communication amongst multifarious employees and businesses.

E.W Human Development Ltd.’s coach training equips you with the tools to overcome the biggest challenges that are met in the business world today. It inspires a platform of discussion and debate on highly invigorating topics such as managing fear, emotional and social intelligence and interpersonal power struggles.

We cater to help you motivate, manage, develop and reward your employees of varying cultural and professional backgrounds. Attending EWHD workshops will help you engender a more diverse-friendly environment which will undoubtedly increase your business’ potential for interpersonal and commercial success.

Counceling, training and developing people

We support employee development by providing a professional learning environment, materials and instructors. Our workshops are focused on the skills and knowledge that employees need to succeed in today’s workplace. We are dedicated to presenting the information in a manner that makes it accessible to its audience to ensure maximum understanding and applicability.

Mission statement

We aim to meet the needs on both a macro and microcosmic level by focusing on the success of your organization as a whole whilst also paying particular attention to the needs of your individual employees. We also aim to deliver substantial and differential customized solutions. We meet the needs of your people by driving a culture of excellence that provides recognition of performance, a supportive and stimulating environment and opportunities for self-accomplishment and growth.

Vision statement

Deliver highest performance through: Mutual Respect Influence Open Communication.


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