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Leadership for Leaders
Advanced Leadership
Managing Organizational Change
Leading with Assertiveness
Leading with motivation/Building a culture of performance
How to be Innovative
Interviewing Skills
Performance Appraisal
Managing Diversity
How to lead effectively in a crisis situation / Risk Management
Accountability based workplace for Managers
Leadership in the new Millennium
Leading for the future
Strategic Leadership
Leading in Transformation-Build a Culture of Performance


Introduction to the Sales Process (part 1)
Sales Process (part 2) / Dealing with Difficult Customers
Effective Presentation Skills
Facilitating a Round table – Running a meeting
Time Management
Effective Negotiation
Advanced Sales Skills: Assertiveness
Introduction to Marketing – for sales units
Enhancing Accountability for non-Managers
How to remain competitive
Key Account Management – Building Rapport
Customer Service Excellence
Business Process Management
Strategic Sales in Difficult Financial Times
Drivers of Business Strategy
Persuasion in Sales-Update on the Sales Process


Dealing Positively with Others
Effective Inter-Personal Communication Skills
Influential and Assertive Communication
Working together (part 1 + part 2)
Creating Successful Teams
Managing Fear/Uncertainty
How to control your emotions
Are you in a real well-being?
Managing Pressure at Work
Social Intelligence
Business Performance / Values
How to build Trust
Transactional Analysis
Developing Resilience
Personal Effectiveness : Your self Awareness
Creating Impact : Creative Problem Solving


Introduction to Special workshops
360˚ feedback tutorship (Leadership/Communication)
16 PF competency tutorship ( A personality psychometric test)
Licence to Sell
On-the-job training
Internal analysis (Motivation/Environment)
The True and False Self in Business Organizations
Interpersonal dynamics in the workplace
Attachment and success in business
Belonging and its importance-under preparation

What EWHD does for you

  • Use our experience to help you implement your strategy
  • Challenge you to get the best results
  • Combine your experience with the latest management thinking to find the best solution
  • Create with your help the best practices
  • Help you implement your own best practices

What EWHD doesn’t do for you

  • Tell you what your strategy should be
  • Leave you in your comfort zone
  • Overload you with academic theories
  • Impose other companies’ practices
  • Lecture you about implementing practices

Examples of Lectures in Conferences given by Elie Wakil since 1998

“Investing in Human Capital: Role of Leadership today”
Board of Country Managers, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, ME (2005)
Cyprus Dietetic Association, Nicosia (2004)
American Overseas Dietetic Association, Nicosia (2004)
International Human Resource Management Congress, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)
“Ensuring Great Relations”: Importance of Positive Communication
National Society of Physicians, Nicosia, Cyprus (2006)
National Society of Physicians, Lebanon (2005)
National Society of Physicians, Nicosia, Cyprus (2003)

“Communication Skills: Person to Person”
St. Joseph University-School of Pharmacy-, Beirut, Lebanon (2009)
Falcon school, secondary department, Nicosia, Cyprus (2008)
St. Joseph University-School of Sciences- Beirut, Lebanon (2007)
1st Sales and Customer Care Conference, Nicosia-Cyprus (2006)
Intercollege (Cyprus Private University): Nicosia-Cyprus (2003)
2nd Cyprus Dietetic Association Congress with International participation, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy -“Association des Anciens” – Beirut, Lebanon (2002)
Hospital Pharmacists, Beirut-Lebanon (April 2010)
Hospital Pharmacists Directors, Amman-Jordan (May 2015)

“Dealing with Emotions”
Regional conference for Personal Assistants, Cyprus (2007)
Cyprus Dietetic Association, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)
National Society of Orthopaedic surgeons, Amman, Jordan (2013)
Hospital Pharmacists Directors, Amman, Jordan (2015)
Pharmacists in Lebanon (October 2015)

“Interpersonal Relationship”
St. Joseph University-School of Sciences-, Beirut, Lebanon (2007)
St. Joseph University-School of Pharmacy – “Association des Anciens”, Beirut-Lebanon (2003)
Cypriot/French Association, Nicosia, Cyprus (2002)

“Stress Management in our daily life”
Ministry of Health, Cairo, Egypt (2001-2002-2003)
The Falcon School students, Nicosia, Cyprus (2001)
Popular Bank, Nicosia, Cyprus (2001)
Hellenic Bank, Cyprus (2001)
Cypriot/French Association, Cyprus (2000)
Alpine Executive Board of Directors – Limassol, Cyprus (2000)
1st Cyprus Dietetic Association Congress with International participation, Nicosia, Cyprus (2000)
Executive Club – Hilton Nicosia, Cyprus (1999)
Pharmacists in Lebanon / Emirates / Cyprus (1998-1999)
Physicians in Lebanon / Emirates (1998)

“Organizational Stress”
Cyprus Dietetic Association, Limassol, Cyprus (2001)

“Survival Skills in Today’s Challenging World”
Professional Women Club, Hilton Nicosia, Cyprus (2001)

“Communication in a couple – Phases”
Blue Pharmacies Ltd, Limassol, Cyprus (2003)

“Importance of Body Language“
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy- « Association des Anciens », Beirut, Lebanon (2007)

“Importance of Assertiveness in business “
Cyprus Dietetic Association, Nicosia, Cyprus (2012)

“How to deal with difficult customers”
St. Joseph University-School of Pharmacy-“3rd International Congress” (2009)

“Personality: Importance and Rationale”
St. Joseph University, Beirut-Lebanon (April 2010)

“Leadership for Leaders”
Infectious Disease Specialists, Beirut-Lebanon (July 2010)
Master curriculum for pharmacists, St. Joseph University, Beirut-Lebanon
(March-May 2011)
National Society of Ophthalmologists, Amman, Jordan (2014)
AXA Middle East Insurance, Board of Directors (December 2012)
Social Intelligence
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy- « Association des Anciens », Beirut, Lebanon (2012)
Pharmacists in Lebanon (September 2015)

Is Leadership a brand?
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy- « Association des Anciens », Beirut, Lebanon (2013)

Organizational Engagement, is it a necessity today?
St. Joseph University- School of Pharmacy- « Association des Anciens », Beirut, Lebanon (2015)

Affective Engagement at school, is it a necessity today?
“College des Soeurs des Saints Coeurs, Kfarhbab”: General assembly of all professors and Board of the school, Beirut, Lebanon (2015)